Many people like to travel around the country for shorter or longer vacations, using caravans. However, there are ruta-familiaplenty of things that you have to be careful about when you rent a caravan. You usually take it to spend a week with your friends or family driving around the country and camping wherever you want, but to have a memorable vacation, you need to make sure you have taken a good caravan.

Many people simply go to the rental caravan company and take the first one that they see. That’s not how you have to do things, as this can prove dangerous to you – both physically but also financially.

It’s important to know a few tings when you decide to take a trip with a caravan, so here they are.

Get the Best Company

Ask your friends or look online for a respected company that offers great services. You will be able to find one based on the reviews that the company has. People tend to share their things more freely while online, so the better the reviews, the better the company is. The reviews from the people are based on their personal experiences, so you can totally trust them. The majority decides when it’s about this kind of service, so you can check out any of the companies that are appreciated in the online environment.

The Services

When you talk to a caravan rental company representative, make sure you ask about credential and licenses. The services are offered Concorde_Charisma_RentCamperEuaccording to these two, so a company that has neither of them will definitely have a lower price. Of course, the price will always reflect the quality of the services. In some cases, a company that has no license will promise you one service and you will get another one, usually of a lower quality.

Call them and note down what they are offering – insurance, warranty, protection, written contract, lower price, bonuses, etc – anything that you might be interested in.

Check the Caravan

When you call a company and ask for a certain type of caravan, make sure you also go and see it. They might say to you that the vehicle has different kinds of equipment installed on it, and you need to be sure that the car looks exactly as they say. If they tell you that you have to sign a contract before seeing the caravan, you should never accept it.

Make sure the caravan is in good order. The car should have the annual verification made – with a written certificate. This is to ensure you that everything works accordingly – most importantly, the breaks and the rest of the engine should be in good condition – with no breaks, you are in a great danger, especially if you plan to leave the city. Accidents could happen, and you need to drive a vehicle that is in a great condition.

Ask for Insurance

The insurance of the caravan is very important – if there is no insurance for the vehicle, you will be responsible to pay $_86for any damage that happens to the caravan while you drive it. The company that issued the insurance has a clear evidence of every insurance policy that they have given, so you can call them and ask about it. This way, you will make sure that the caravan rental company is telling the truth about it.

If they refuse to let you call the insurance company, then there might be a problem, so you need to look out for another caravan rental company.

The License Plates

Each caravan should have its own car registration, so make sure you see that too. There should be also written the last time when the PTI was made – the periodical technical inspection. If there is no PTI for the vehicle, ask for another one. The car registration should have the license plate written on it, so check out the numbers. You can’t drive a car with one set of license plates and have the registration from another car.